Tee it up for Moms - Golf Tournament
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Tee It Up For Mom's Golf Tournament

All of us have in some way been affected by breast cancer that takes our mothers, sisters, daughters, aunts, grandmothers, co-workers, and friends. It is not a selective disease – it does not care who it affects. One out of eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer during her life. However, women are not the only ones at risk for breast cancer.

An estimated 192,370 new cases of invasive breast cancer will occur among women in the United States during 2009, of which approximately 40,170 women will die. Also, about 1,910 men will be diagnosed, and 440 men will die of breast cancer during 2010 in the United States. As breast cancer is typically associated as a women's health issue, it is disappointing that men tend to be forgotten. We intend to remind people that breast cancer is a disease that is not exclusive to women, and it is not exclusive

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to only those with a diagnosis. This disease affects everyone in one way or another.

There are many awesome events that take place each year to battle breast cancer. Ours is just a small piece of this considerable effort. But it is one we all hold very near and dear to our hearts and one that we will carry on as long as breast cancer is still present in our lives.

Please join us in our efforts to help pave the way to a cancer-free future for breast cancer survivors, and for the prevention, detection, and eradication of breast cancer as a life-threatening illness to women and men everywhere.

Tee Times have been posted for this years 2010 event. Please see the event info page for details...

Our Goal... Our Mission... Our Promise!

Our goal is simple...
To do whatever it takes to find a cure for breast cancer.

Our mission is to continue our battle against time and to provide education and early detection to those all around.

Our promise is that we will not stop until the war is won!

To those we have lost and to those who have won...

~ God Bless You All ~

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